Delthy Farm is an international association of farmers committed to the highest quality food and work standards and delivering the best products directly to consumers without intermediaries.

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“Delthy” is a blend word for “delicious and healthy”, expressing our goal to offer a unique opportunity for consumers living a healthier lifestyle by enjoying delicious food, and at the same time, supporting small and medium farmers, creating secure jobs in underdeveloped regions, and protecting our planet due to less usage of chemicals and less transportation of goods.

Additionally, we support and promote environment-friendly procedures and technologies to farmers, helping them to maximize their harvest and quality without sacrificing their important role protecting nature.

While farmers enjoy the benefits of higher revenues and profits, consumers are happy about knowing exactly the source and quality of their food.

Most importantly, Delthy Farm is not just fulfilling an “organic” standard, but striving for products that are BTO (Better than Organic).

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More Customers

Loyal Customers

No Intermediaries

Part of International Brand

Digital Farming Support


Secure Jobs

Higher Profit

Less Risk

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Fresh Produce

Healthy Produce

Know Your Farmer

Quality Control

Longer Shelf Life

Lower Prices

Regional & International

Less Waste

Support Small and Medium Farmers